Helena Levison & Jayden Hanly

Helena Levison
Founder & Community Lead

Helena Levison & Jayden Hanly

“The 4 mindsets of UX Design”

“In UX we focus a lot on the working process, which is hard for companies to understand and designers to relate to. We’ve all dipped our toes in every part of the process. How do we explain what we can do for companies? Helena Levison aka the Queen of UX developed ‘The 4 mindsets of UX Design’ which makes it easier for everyone to understand what UX is.”

About Helena: Helena is known as the Queen of UX in Copenhagen. She isn’t claiming to be the best UX designer by far, but she is actively working on raising the industry standard of UX Design. She started Ladies that UX Copenhagen, which spiraled into her own UX Community; CPHUX. She started the podcast Why UX where she interviews UX’ers to create transparency around the UX as a profession.
She is a power woman who is on a quest to raise the industry standard of UX Design!

About Jayden: With 8 years of experience in digital production, I love pushing the boundaries of creative thinking with well-structured collaborations. I love seeing the smiles on the user’s faces when you have made something just right. I love getting a project across the line with a team that feels satisfied and proud, not worn out, and stressed.

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