Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi
Design Strategist & Co-Founder

Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

“Why Design Mindset is one of the top 10 skills of the future?”

This talk will focus on uncovering what Design Mindset is and why it is important (especially now, in the COVID-19 era). It’s the result of our extensive research (developed in collaboration with scientists), which we turned into a tool helping to diagnose people’s potential in the four key areas of the Design Mindset – openness, curiousness, courage and determination. We think that it will be inspirational to all Product Camp 2020 attendees, no matter which area they work in (UX, Product Design, business, research, strategy, project management, HR etc.).

Please note that currently our tool, the Design Mindset Detector, is available only in Polish (we launched it in June 2020 and are still in the development phase), however, our plans are to expand it internationally. More information here: https://www.design-mindset-detector.com/

Weronika: I am a Service Designer, Design Strategist and Co-Founder of DESIGN PROVISION, a consultancy based in Warsaw. Since 2020 I’m also the Head of Service Design postgraduate course at the SWPS University in Poznań. I run workshops and projects where we show our Clients how to use Service Design, but also all different types of design, to create value propositions that fulfil real users’ needs. Recently our team started exploring the so-called Design Mindset, and this is one of our current key interests. Before DESIGN PROVISION I had an opportunity to spend five exciting years at the Design Council in London.

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