Yana Carstens

Yana Carstens
Founder & Principal Designer
Sentio Design

Yana Carstens

“Virtually Possible”

What: Remote workshop facilitation.

Why: Workshops are often perceived to be only effective when conducted in person. Due to COVID-19 social distancing, the need for remote workshop facilitation has been accelerated and our creativity is put into superdrive.

What the audience will learn: That remote workshops can be just as effective as in person workshops. How to structure workshops into separate sessions if necessary. Which activities can be done asynchronously. How to keep participants engaged and connected.

Yana: I believe in the transformative power of design and that through human-centered practices, we enable people to do (and be) better in the world. As a UX and product designer, I have witnessed magic happen through dedication to excellence and meaningful collaboration with my clients for the last 11 years working with diverse teams across multiple industries. My mission is to help as many businesses create and evolve digital products to a level that customers love.

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