Zuzanna Cwiakala

Zuzanna Ćwiąkała
UX Specialist
Arla Foods

Zuzanna Cwiakala

“How to become a UX designer and get your first full-time UX job”

I will talk about practical and concrete how-to steps that should be taken on your way to become a UX designer. During the session you will get tangible tips and guidelines about necessary knowledge (including books, courses, creating portfolio and job interview tips) in order to successfully start your journey as an UX designer.

I am the co-founder and facilitator of Tipi UX meetups in Gdynia. Currently I am working as UX specialist, together with my Danish colleagues at Arla Foods (world leading dairy company). In my daily work I do a wide range of UX/UI activities, such as user testing, creating mockups, user journeys and many more. On the high-level, together with the whole team, we are working on increasing the UX maturity throughout the company and striving to create lovable IT solutions. When I don’t have my eyes glued to the screen, I do kitesurfing, take long walks on the beach and enjoy a good chocolate dessert.

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